Controlling Hemorrhage Zone by Zone


Zone 1 Hemorrhage

Penetrating injury to Zone 1 is a contraindication to performing REBOA and an indication for performing Emergency Thoracotomy. The effective training of REBOA requires that the learner be presented with isolated and combined scenarios of penetrating thoracic injury so that they can correctly choose to not proceed with REBOA. The Complete REBOA Task Trainer features a Zone 1 bleeding vessel which is impossible to control with the REBOA procedure.

Figure 03.jpg

Zone 2 Hemorrhage

The Complete REBOA Task Trainer has Zone 2 vessels that define the entire zone, from the Celiac Trunk to the Inferior Mesenteric Artery. These vessels are located at the correct radiographic position and correlate with the surface anatomy of the trainer, providing multiple modalities for confirmation of correct placement. 

Figure 03.jpg

Zone 3 Hemorrhage

Targeted placement for Zone 3 occlusion should not be attempted in the emergent setting, but for repositioning under radiographic guidance, The Complete REBOA Task Trainer simulates pelvic hemorrhage from the left common iliac artery and has a landing zone for the REBOA balloon above the Aortic bifurcation and below the Zone 2 vessels.